Full interior design project
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Discover the stages of the full detailed interior design project for your home or commercial property

The Design Concept and Moodboard

Your everyday environment must fit into your lifestyle, your tastes and be aligned with your aesthetic preferences. We have to be on the same page here. That's how we get there.

Layout Solutions

Functional planning of the space is essential for your everyday comfort. That's what we start from. Thoughtfully designing functionality of the space.

3D Visualizations

It's the phase, where aesthetic perception and design comes in. You will see your future interior design in details before the actual works will start. Isn't it great? Of course, there will be all the things, that you can actually buy or order according to your budget. That's a good point.


In terms of everything would be realised according to the approved visual and layout plan, the drawings are made. The construction company will follow all the guidelines according to the project to make it real. Here we also thoughtfully organise all the electricity, sanitary, ventilation, heating, air conditioning, smart home systems and more. All is thought out for your perfect comfort and well being.


On this phase you will see the total cost estimates of your desired interior design lifestyle project. Everything in detail - from tiles to furniture, lighting, sanitary and construction works. Before we go. Just to be on the same page again.


All is approved and ready to go. We'll take care of everything. Just relax and get excited to get into your new carefully thought out space before we pass the keys to you. Meanwhile, get into inspiration of your newly designed lifestyle in harmony and balance with its functionality and aesthetic perception.

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