I help to find Real Estate in Portugal,
create Interior and Landscape Design

Based in Lisbon. Design Worldwide.
Our services
We create functional and aesthetic design projects
for empowering lifestyle
We take care of finding residential and commercial properties according to your needs, we provide legal support with real estate lawyers to make the process of real estate purchase easy and smooth for you.
We design interiors for big and small apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shops. We know how to create stylish and comfortable spaces. We take care of everything, that is connected to the project: from building contractors to engineering work, ordering and supplying materials.
We create a landscape design for private and public areas with 3D video and photo-visualizations, layouts, drawings, estimates and realization process support.
How do we work
Finding a property in Portugal
We get in contact to discuss your needs and desires and make you an offer with the list of properties according to your request. You choose, we schedule live or online visits and we take care of your successful purchase
The Design Concept and Moodboard
Your everyday environment must fit into your lifestyle, your tastes and be aligned with your aesthetic preferences. We have to be on the same page here. That's how we get there.
Project visualization
Detailed 3d visualizations of your future space
Detailed drawings for the design project: specifications, plans, elevtricity, water, materials, functional and design elements
We take care of everything, that is connected to the project: from building contractors to engineering work, ordering and supplying materials
Interiors portfolio
Landscapes portfolio
Landscapes 3D visualizations
Finding you a real estate in Portugal or working on your design project, we create design of lifestyle in harmony, balance and clear positive mind through the space functionality and aesthetic perception.

Creating thoughtful spaces with individual approach according to the desired lifestyle and expected feelings of the space, reaching essential and aesthetic objectives.

Based in Lisbon. Real Estate in Portugal. Design worldwide.
My name is Eugenia and I am passionate about beautiful modern and functional real estate in amazing locations, that create the desired lifestyle and inspiring atmosphere in harmony and balance of everyday life. I enjoy living by the ocean and will be happy to help you to find and design a place in a great location in Portugal, that will meet your needs and desires, harmonizing your lifestyle in your personal way.
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